Why Are Non-Woven Bags So Popular?

Bags are used almost every day in our lives. One of the most popular and widely used bags is handbag. So now many manufacturers pay more attention to the materials and the ways of making bags in this age. What is the eco-friendly bag? In fact, the most commonly used material is non-woven fabric. What’re the advantages of non-woven bags?

1. From the perspective of environmental protection, to reduced the waste of resources, non-woven bag can be used for many times. When you do not want to use it, you can fold it up and put into your backpack to go shopping or take it out to use when carrying items.
2. Non-woven fabric bags with economic cost, which no doubt to meet the demand for small stores and some large enterprises. Many customers are willing to make their own promotional gift packaging with this economic, fashionable, eco-friendly material. It not only saves the cost, but plays an unexpected role in brand building.
3. Non-woven bags with beautiful design which fully meet the young people’s fashionable pursuit.
4. Non-woven bags can be used on any occasion. some high-end bag user group will say, using paper bags are more eco-friendly than non-woven fabric bags. This is purely from the perspective of environmental protection, but the production of paper also pollute environment. Especially for paper pulp filtration, which needs a large amount of water to assist it in filtrating and precipitating, and the water after used will turned into industrial sewage. As we all know, water pollution is also a major environmental problem at present. However, in the process of producing non-woven fabrics, there will be no such pollution to nature.

Post time: Jan-08-2020