• Island’s Foreign Trade “Stabilizes And Improves”
    Post time: Mar-20-2020

    The import and export, export, import and other indicators have improved significantly, and Qingdao’s foreign trade has shown a strong momentum of “stabilizing and improving”. According to the latest statistics of Qingdao Customs, in 2018, the total value of Qingdao’s fore...Read more »

  • Our Products Are Goodour Products Are Good
    Post time: Jan-08-2020

    From here we see that non-woven bags are better than other materials of the handbag, no matter from the cost or environmental pollution perspective, furthermore, Nylon, canvas, Oxford, etc. these materials are more expensive. On the other hand, although paper bags also have advantages, but large-...Read more »

  • Why Are Non-Woven Bags So Popular?
    Post time: Jan-08-2020

    Bags are used almost every day in our lives. One of the most popular and widely used bags is handbag. So now many manufacturers pay more attention to the materials and the ways of making bags in this age. What is the eco-friendly bag? In fact, the most commonly used material is non-woven fabric. ...Read more »

  • The Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Printing Non-Woven Bags
    Post time: Jan-08-2020

    Now woven bags are widely used due to eco-friendly and recyclable, which is produced with non-woven fabrics as the main raw material. Therefore, the demand for non-woven bags is increasing year by year, and more and more popular. Many manufacturers devote to producing non-woven bags. For these ma...Read more »