Cotton Bag

Cotton Bag

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We have provided you a quick summary of different types of cloth bags like cotton, jute and canvas.

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Cotton Bag
Product Details Usage Suitable for shopping, sales promotion, gift bag, clothes, etc.
Feature Recyclable, Eco-friendly/ High quality
Material Customized, such as cotton, polyester cotton, canvas, etc.
Thickness/gsm Customized
Size According to customer's request
Color Customized
Printing & logo Based on request
Handle With “X” across stitching on handles, more solid
Closure String or customized
Weight Based on size & thickness
Sample Details Sample time 2-3 working days
Samples fee If samples in stock, samples will be free
If samples need to be customed, there will be samples fee
Freight charge By your express account. DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT... everyone is okay.
Purchase info. MOQ 1,000 pcs
Lead time The specific lead time depends on the quantity
Payment terms Paypal, 100% T/T, 30% deposit 70% balance against copy of B/L
FOB Port Qingdao
Factory info. Factory Location Qingdao, China
Factory experience From 1990

Cloth bags are made from a variety of clothing materials like cotton, jute, canvas and even synthetic polyesters. Some materials like synthetic polymers are not recyclable but cloth bags are a good option. They are becoming increasingly common in the stores. They are adding an option of buying these cloth bags at the billing counter. You can buy these bags once and use them many times due to its quality. No to mention, you will be taking a step towards going green and truly following the cycle of reduce, recycle and reuse.
We have provided you a quick summary of different types of cloth bags like cotton, jute and canvas. We hope you make the switch to cloth bags and use say no to toxic plastic bags which can be used only once.

Cotton, as we know, is widely used in medicinal products and clothes. Cotton is a natural product which comes from a plant. It comes attached to a seed which is processed to get the quality cotton. Cotton has a fiber which can be used sustainably. Cotton bags are ultra-light but strong enough to carry items. What’s more? They look stylish too! Here are some interesting facts about cotton:
1.Cotton is hypoallergenic which is a great choice for people with sensitive skin and allergies.
2.Cotton plant is useful that each part of the plant can be used for many purposes.
3.Cotton is the most widely grown non-edible crop.
4.Cotton does not absorb heat like other synthetic materials and is a great choice for tropical weather.

Jute is a natural fiber which is completely degradable and can be recycled completely. It has a beautiful golden yellow vegetable fiber. It can be used to make strong threads used to make extra strong bags. Jute bags can be used for many purposes. It can be used a regular shopping bag as they can hold a lot of weight. They can even be used by women as fashion bags, office bags or office bags as they look very trendy and come in many designs. Here are some of the advantages of jute bags, eco-friendly, reusable, can be designed in many patterns as the fiber blends beautifully with other fibers and pigments and dyes.long lasting so you will use very few plastic bags.

Canvas is a woven fabric which has high tensile strength and is used to make sails, backpacks, and frames due to its sturdiness. Nowadays it is woven from cotton linen. We all know that canvas painting is historically popular and are worth a lot of money. Recently, it is being used for making bags as well. Here are some reasons you should switch to canvas bags:
1.It is a long lasting fabric which will last a really long time.
2.It is strong to bear a lot of weight without compromising the style with designs.
3.We offer custom canvas bags to cater to your needs.

These bags have many advantages when used instead of harmful plastic bags. It is important that we reuse these bags as much as we can to reduce the waste generated. Did you know that 1 million plastic bags are used in 1 minute around the world? The chance of recycling cloth bags is much higher than recycling plastic bags. They are not just bad for the earth, but also poorly designed and expensive when purchased every time you go out shopping. Order from green handle’s catalog of cloth bags right away.

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